“We died in a minefield. The FSB didn’t catch them”: Ukrainian saboteurs killed on the border with the Russian Federation

Ukrainian serviceman and public figure Yevhen Karas confirmed that the Russians killed four Ukrainian saboteurs. He told the Present Time about this.

«The sabotage and reconnaissance group, led by Yuri Svyatosha, performed difficult tasks throughout the entire stage of this great war. Many tasks were successfully completed, risky. They often worked behind the front lines. The youngest of them was Bogdan, but he was already an experienced military man, because he really had great abilities and talent. These were not all random people: Taras «Cossack, don't drink beer», Yuri. They fought together back in 2014. For many months they fought being unformed. Without any salaries, social guarantees. But they performed very difficult tasks», — Karas said.

According to him, Ukrainian saboteurs died in a minefield.

«FSBs are frail sheep who were not able to counteract anything these guys. Unfortunately, they died as a result of a minefield, really well organized. The FSB did not catch them. The group was well armed and well equipped. High motivation, but this kind of operation is always a risk, and no one is immune from death. These people died performing difficult tasks, they completed a lot of them. They brought a lot of damage to the enemy», – said the fighter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

  • According to the FSB of the Russian Federation, on December 25 in the Bryansk region there was a clash with Ukrainian fighters from a sabotage and reconnaissance group. After the battle, four saboteurs were killed. The specific tasks of the group are unknown. The fighters allegedly had German SIG Sauer submachine guns and explosives weighing forty kilograms in total.

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