We were scammed by our own people: 21 Russian mobilized prisoners were taken prisoner near Svatovo | PHOTO | VIDEO

They sneered at us: 21 Russian conscripts were captured near Svatovo | PHOTO | VIDEO

Near Svatovo, Lugansk region, Ukrainian soldiers captured those mobilized in the Russian Federation. This was reported by the adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko.

«In the Svatovsky direction of the Luhansk region, a group of mobilized people, many from Moscow and the region, surrendered into the hands of the 92nd brigade. As the orcs already in captivity said, the command threw them to the front line without water and food, not to mention ammunition. No one went through any training, they immediately throw them to the front, there is no provision»,— writes Gerashchenko.

He noted that these «mobiles» turned out to be smarter than others — did not become involved in crimes, but immediately surrendered. Gerashchenko also recalled that a round-the-clock hotline of the Coordinating Headquarters for the treatment of prisoners of war operates in Ukraine. The military themselves, as well as their relatives, can apply.

On camera, two mobilized people said that they were assigned to the “9th Regiment”. According to one of the men, the command actually left them “for slaughter.”

“For three days they didn’t eat, didn’t drink, lived in wet trenches”, — he said.

We were smacked by our own : 21 Russian mobilized prisoners were captured near Svatovo | PHOTO | VIDEO

Another man claims that they were also fired upon by Russian artillery.

“They are shooting at their own. They are shelling. We sat for three days, ***, our own people sneered at us”, & # 8212; said the Russian.

Also, one of the mobilized admitted that the command immediately abandoned them.

“Immediately to the front line, boys… And just like meat. The command fled the very first: the shelling started and they ran away,” he complained.

  • During the day, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 710 invaders and 15 tanks.

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