Wejdene: the group Terrenoire takes again their single “Je t’aime de ouf”!

Wejdene: the group Terrenoire takes again their single “Je t’aime de ouf”!

The group Terrenoire offered a cover of the single “Je t’aime de ouf” by singer Wejdene in the Home Session of Apple Music.

In the latest Apple Music Home Session, the Terrenoire variety group delivered a very personal cover of the tube I love you phew de Wejdene. One way in particular to support the young singer in the face of many criticisms. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

A haunting and poetic cover

Few months ago, Apple Music created the “Home Session” series. A format intended to offer a new format to listeners in this complicated health period.

In this program, artists can thus offer acoustic versions, more organic, of their flagship pieces. They also agree to play the game of recovery.

The latest “Home Session” from Apple Music, available on the platform, puts the spotlight on the French variety group Terrenoire. The duo, consisting of two brothers, released l’album The opposing forces Last year.

Exclusively for Apple Music, the group has proposed an orchestral and melancholy version of their song Margot was dancing on me, but also a resumption of the tube I love you phew de Wejdene.

This cover of the 17-year-old singer’s single is as bewitching as it is poetic. No doubt it will appeal to Wejdene fans as well as to Terrenoire fans!

Yet on paper, this recovery is surprising. And for good reason, there is no real connection between the variety group and the new star of French urban pop. It is actually a well-considered will of Terrenoire!

“When we do covers, we like to turn to songs quite far from what we do, explains the duo to Apple Music. We really campaign for there to be bridges between music and artists that seem distant. “

More than a desire to surprise, Terrenoire also chose Wejdene and his single for a specific reason. MCE TV tells you more!

Wejdene: the group Terrenoire takes again their single “Je t’aime de ouf”!

The Terrenoire group fan of Wejdene!

If Terrenoire has chosen to cover Wejdene, it is because the group is a fan of the singer. ” It really is a tribute to this new pop icon. She is also a singer who has suffered a lot of snobbery, mockery. This state of mind tires us out, it’s a bit of a middle finger to that “, assure the two brothers.

Indeed, the interpreter ofAnissa is under fire from critics since she knows success. Attacked on her private life, her music, her music videos, Wejdene never ceases to unleash passions. By resuming her piece, Terrenoire therefore wanted to support the teenager!

The variety group was also touched by the emotion of the song I love you phew de Wejdene. “We liked the idea of ​​using this title, of this love story written with simple and touching words”, confides the duo.

And to continue: “Simple texts are beautiful, the topline is very beautiful, there is tenderness and melancholy mixed. We liked the emotion, we realized quite quickly that through other arrangements, in our voices we could tell something that would suit us well ”.

In his own way, Terrenoire thus decided to reinterpret Wejdene’s hit. With a very particular approach ! “The imaginary that we tried to create is that of a lament from a space cowboy who sings his love on a very distant planet, with his self-tuned horse”, explains the duo.

The Wejdene tube already taken over by Julien Doré!

This is not the first time that the song Je t’aime de ouf by Wejdene has been performed. Indeed, at the beginning of May, the singer Julien Doré had also proposed a cover of this title. A very personal and very sweet version!

If the 38-year-old artist is known for his very offbeat covers, it did not fail to surprise his fans. For this cover of Wejdene, he had to calls on the musician Wax. The two men had thus recorded their duet from a distance!

“We took this Wejdene tube again, leaving our dry ends mask on”, wrote the singer on Instagram. A wink full of humor in reference to her long hair and those of his friend!

This cover by Julien Doré had also seduced the public. So much so that many Internet users had found its cover better than the original song de Wejdene!

However, the success had not been the same. If Julien Doré and Wax have seduced a few tens of thousands of fans on Instagram, the original tube of Wejdene remains an incomparable box.

Released on April 7, the clip of the song has accumulated to this day nearly 17 million views on YouTube. One of the many successes of the young singer in barely a year of existence on the front of the stage!