Wellboy cuts cooperation with Bardash due to his silence about the war

Wellboy broke off cooperation with Bardash because of his silence about the war

Singer Anton Wellboy and his sound producer Evgeny Triplov broke off cooperation with Yuri Bardash because of silence about war. Both recorded a video message.

Triplov, who is the author of many Wellboy tracks, is surprised by the silence of Bardash at a time when Ukrainians are dying from Russian bullets.

– Either Yura openly condemns the aggression of the Russian pederation or exits the Wellboy project,” Triplov said.

Wellboy thanked Bardash for his cooperation on the background of the track “Yura” by VV and dedicated a poem to the former producer.

< p>Wars, TVs,

And you seethe, but all the thermal imagers are silent,

Sorry for mama, Ukraine and culture!

And for Uncle Yuri…

When the war started, Yuriy Bardash and his family were abroad. The other day Wellboy said that the producer is in Georgia. Bardash did not issue a statement condemning the war. On social media, he posts quotes like “Nationalism is the cancer of humanity.”

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