Wentworth Miller reveals he was diagnosed with autism

Wentworth Miller reveals he was diagnosed with autism

Actor Wentworth Miller, most recently known for his role as Captain Cold in the CW series “The Flash” and “The Legends of Tomorrow,” revealed through a moving Instagram post that he was diagnosed with spectrum disorder. autistic, stressing that this is not something that would change in his person.

Miller has also revealed to his fans that he won’t use his celebrity status to lecture on neurodiversity because he wants to learn more about autism first and examine what that diagnosis means to him. He even offered to direct his fans to resources that could help them better understand their disorder, preferring not to talk more about it.

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Following the announcement, Wentworrt Miiller proceeded to remove almost all of his posts on Twitter and Instagram, offering a reboot in his digital life after his condition was revealed. “Like everyone else, life in quarantine took things from me. But in silent isolation, I found unexpected gifts. »Commented.

This fall marks a year since I received my informal diagnosis of autism. Preceded by a self-diagnosis, followed by a formal diagnosis.

According to the American Autism Association, autism spectrum disorders can affect social, communication, relationship and self-regulation skills. It is usually diagnosed at an early age, but it is more and more common to find people in adulthood who find out they have the disorder.

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In addition to his work in the “Arrowverse,” Wentworth Miller is recognized by the general public for his lead role in the drama “Prison Break” which aired on Fox for five seasons airing between 2005 and 2009, with a TV movie airing in 2017.

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