Western official: Russia prepared to retreat from Kherson

Western official: Russia prepares to retreat from Kherson

Russia prepared the ground for the withdrawal of its troops from Kherson — the largest Ukrainian city that its troops have occupied since the all-out invasion of Ukraine in February. This was stated by a senior Western official in a conversation with Politico on Thursday.

According to him, over the past couple of weeks, the Ukrainian army has reached «impressive» success in the campaign to return the territory occupied by Russian forces. They, in return, were forced to move to a more defensive position; in addition, they «critically lack ammunition».

«We are confident in our earlier warnings regarding the prospects for the withdrawal of the Russian military from their Kherson bridgehead. The plan was almost certainly made very far in advance», — quoting a Western Politico official.

Russia is believed to have temporarily reinforced its forces near Kherson to cover the retreat to the eastern bank of the Dnieper, and also ordered the civilian population to evacuate from the areas of Kherson region it occupied on the western bank.

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