Where did the Black Hawk come from in the GUR MOU, and what do these helicopters have to “work” for the Russians | PHOTO | VIDEO

Where did the Black Hawk come from in the GUR MOU, and what do these helicopters have for

Yesterday, the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine «lit», that it uses a Black Hawk helicopter in a rather unusual livery for its raids. Defense Express writes about this with reference to the publication of The Drive portal.

The photo turned out to be hype, because it suggested a possible start of deliveries of Western helicopters for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But The Drive notes that the case here looks much more interesting.

For starters, the glossy black livery with blue and silver lines may indicate that the UH-60A helicopter belongs to the fleet of the American company Ace Aeronautics, headquartered in Alabama. To put it more simply, this company is engaged in buying «surplus» Black Hawk, is looking for a new buyer for them and upgrades directly to the customer's specification.

Some intermediary company comes out with a wide profile of work – modernization of avionics and other on-board systems, experimental tests and routine maintenance of helicopters, personnel training, etc.

The Drive authors suggest that one of the « exposed» UH-60A belonged to the Ace Aeronautics fleet, had the registration number N60FW and belonged to the US Army.

The company put this helicopter up for auction 11 months ago, at the moment the ad has already been deleted, and this may hint that the helicopter from Ace Aeronautics found its buyer in Ukraine.

Accordingly, at least «glass cockpit» Garmin 5000, which already makes the UH-60A much more technologically advanced than the Mi-8 and Mi-17, which until now have also been used as a transport for raids by the GUR MOU special forces.

In addition, the machine can be finalized with the installation of additional means of protection against Russian anti-aircraft missiles, the installation of a turret with an optoelectronic station and various options for onboard weapons.

Where did the Black Hawk come from in the GUR MOU, and what do these helicopters have to

What is the exact number UH-60A helicopters may have power steering MOU, the authors of The Drive do not undertake to assert. Since, according to their data, the same Ace Aeronautics could have had at least four such aircraft at its disposal.

But here the very fact that our military already has an air wing with pilots and technicians who have already mastered the modern Western machine in practice, proving that talk about & # 171; high technology and complexity of operation & # 187; no longer have soil under them.

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