“Whoever complains here, everyone knows where they take him away”: Occupant asks his wife not to write to Putin | VIDEO

During the conversation, the Russian occupier asks his wife not to send a letter with complaints to Putin, since all those who complained earlier were taken to an unknown direction. This is stated in the next interception of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

During a telephone conversation, a woman tells the occupier that their mutual friend, who was probably wounded, was sent by train to another hospital, because hospitals in St. Petersburg are overcrowded, and now they work only for emergencies.

After that, she voices her intention to write to Putin about all the shortcomings of her husband’s military service, because he still has not been issued a winter uniform and has not been paid the promised funds.< /p>

The man reacts negatively to her proposal, explaining that the issued uniform is no good, and in shoes only «the legs will break, like on skates – the sole is round».

«We have someone who complains, everyone who knows where they are taken away, about», — occupier added.


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