Wife with children returned from Poland: Family killed in Krivoy Rog due to Russian missile attack | PHOTO

Wife and children returned from Poland: Family killed in Krivoy Rog due to Russian missile attack | PHOTO

On the morning of December 16, Russia launched a missile attack on Krivoy Rog, as a result of which almost the entire family died on Kashtanova Street — Alexander Korniychuk, his wife Lyudmila and their one and a half year old son Timofey. This is reported by the publication «Facts«.

7-year-old Maxim survived because at that tragic moment he was with his great-grandmother in Sergeevka. The fourth victim of a massive attack was a 64-year-old neighbor of the spouses. Thirteen people were injured, including four children.

As noted, Alexander worked at the «Gvardeyskaya» (KZHRK) as a drifter. At one time, Lyudmila also worked at the mine, but after the birth of her youngest son, she was on maternity leave. Maxim was in the second grade.

It is known that a year ago the couple bought a three-room apartment on Kashtanova Street. They lived on the second floor of a three-story building. There was also an outbuilding nearby. The couple dreamed of a happy future, Alexander had just completed repairs in the family nest.

«After February 24, when the Russians shelled Krivoy Rog, Alexander took his wife and children to Poland. They were there for about four months… A few months ago, Lyudmila and her sons returned, although Alexander was not very supportive of this idea, because the city was shelled. He was very worried about his family. After arriving, I bought a long-awaited bicycle for my eldest son, so they have been riding together lately. The family went down to the bomb shelter many times, they did not neglect safety. Why it so happened that this time they stayed – I do not know. The day before, Alexander said that he would go on vacation because he was very tired. Or maybe he was after his shift and was fast asleep. Also in the crib was his youngest son & # 187;, & # 8212; told Alexander's friend Pavel.

Wife and children returned from Poland: Family killed in Krivoy Rog due to Russian missile attack | PHOTO

According to the interlocutor of the publication, the apartment of the Korniychuks became the epicenter of the missile strike. One part of the rocket was found in the building, the other in the park nearby.

«It was about nine in the morning. I was just on the bus to work. I heard a pop, like a firecracker exploded. After that, there were several explosions. Even we started to shake. I could not even think that the invaders would hit a civilian object, because before that they were aiming at the substation. He drove away unkind thoughts, they say, they should not kill people. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Friends living nearby called and said that the Korniychuk family had suffered. Everyone hoped they survived. As I was informed, Sasha was taken to the hospital in intensive care. He had a serious condition, his legs and spine were badly injured … But he could not stand the operation and died. Luda was found ten hours later under the rubble. Timothy, blue-eyed bunny, only at night. Maksimchik was with his great-grandmother in the village. He went there the day before the tragedy», — Pavel noted.

As told «Facts» the head of the public union Ukrainian Bike Family Denis Dubov, although the deceased Alexander Korniychuk was not a member of their community, he actively participated in the development of cycling in his native city.

«He periodically attended events organized by me. Bright and good person. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Sasha has donated to us, because we are engaged in the manufacture of smoke bombs for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. I am sure that he could still do so many good deeds, but all these plans were destroyed by the enemies», — Dubov added.

My wife and children returned from Poland: Family killed in Krivoy Rog due to Russian missile attack | PHOTO

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