Will you stay here, please ?! Screaming and crying at Like House, all because of Date’s debts

Will you stay here, please ?! Screaming and crying at Like House, all because of Date’s debts

It is no secret that Marek Valášek alias Datel is in insolvency due to his considerable debts. But the contestant of the reality show Like House did not expect it to be discussed in public. However, he should have changed his mind before signing up for the show, where he is under camera surveillance 24 hours a day.

In today’s episode, influencery was challenged in sincerity. Virtual presenter Lucia asked the contestants sensitive questions, such as who can’t apologize, who isn’t a good example for the younger, or who is the least honest with their fans.

Then came the question aimed at Mark, which unleashed the drama – who owes over a million crowns in insolvency… “You probably don’t have to choose a person to leave today,” Marek responded, alluding to the impending elimination.

He then removed the audio port and locked himself in the room with Bara. Later, during the presentation of his project to the jury headed by Libor Bouček, he admitted that several circumstances may be responsible for the problems.

The woodpecker is not exactly a saint

“It was mainly my mistakes, trust in people I shouldn’t have trusted and bad decisions,” explained Datel, who got into considerable debt.

“Since the insolvency register is public, I think Marek should have been prepared for that. Especially when it resonated in the media a few days back. He could have a defense ready, a reason. It is clear that someone will ask him about it, “Adam commented on the situation.

He believed he believed in the wrong people

Due to the fact that insolvency means insolvency, the Woodpecker was probably not able to repay it. In general, if a debtor has more creditors and is unable to pay debts, this is resolved through so-called insolvency proceedings.

Datl had to be assigned an insolvency administrator to handle this on his behalf. In the extreme case, the property is sold out, but it is always better, of course, to gradually repay the amount with money and not slowly lose the roof over your head.

Source: TV Prima


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