World sensation! Discovery is looking for the mythical Atlantis in Bulgaria

World sensation! Discovery is looking for the mythical Atlantis in Bulgaria

A new show on the Discovery Channel followed in the footsteps of the mythical civilization of the Atlanteans, and the research brought the film crew to Bulgaria.Leading the project are writer and screenwriter Stel Pavlou and volcanologist Jess Phoenix. They claim that with “Hunting for Atlantis” they will unravel one of the greatest mysteries of archeology, namely – the discovery of Atlantis, writes Monitor.

Paul is the author of a new theory, according to which the Golden Civilization existed in a different period from the assumptions of scientists until now. Phoenix has experience traveling the world, and her work has taken her to six continents for more than 25 scientific expeditions.

The filming of the first season of the series, which unfolds in six episodes, dates from last year. The research along the Black Sea leads Stel and Jess to Bulgaria, and the two find time to tour our capital.

Our coast is among the first places the team visits. The reason – according to German researchers Siegfried and Christian Choppe, the sunken Atlantis is somewhere here. That is why the film crew dedicates a whole week to our country.

“We just finished filming the first episode of the science series I’m running with Stel Paulo and it was an exciting week! We have seen and experienced things that happen once in a lifetime. I can’t wait to present them to you next year. Tonight we will celebrate and tomorrow we will continue to the next country “, reads a text to a photo of Jess, taken in the center of Sofia.

Three of our compatriots are accredited as part of the team. These are Stoyan Galabov, Vasil Markov and Stoyan Tsvetkov. Paulo and Phoenix are looking for Atlanteans in Italy, Greece and Croatia.

According to the Hollywood Reporter from the Discovery Channel, they have joined forces with actor Morgan Freeman, who plays the producer of “Hunting for the Atlanteans” together with Lori McCreery and her company Revelations Entertainment.


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