WP: Putin faced the limits of the Russian army

WP: Putin hits the limits of the Russian army

Russian President Vladimir Putin hopes that mobilized Russians can change the dynamics on the battlefield in Ukraine. The Washington Post writes about it.

Analysts say the Russian dictator is simply wasting time as his military operation falls apart under pressure from the Ukrainian offensive. The publication also draws attention to the fact that Putin diverted attention from the gloomy picture on the battlefield by organizing so-called “referendums”, announcing the annexation of four Ukrainian regions and voicing new nuclear threats.

This indicates the country's attempts to aggressor to freeze Russian territorial gains, which are getting smaller every day. But all the political machinations in Moscow, pompously carried out to loud fanfare, could not hide the reality at the front in Ukraine.

Analysts believe that the mobilization of 300,000 reservists, as announced by the Russian side, is unlikely to help Putin at the front in the coming days. However, it remains unknown whether these forces will be able to help Moscow stabilize the situation in late autumn, winter or spring.

«People are not beans. Units exist only on the map. If you take a bunch of angry, demoralized, frightened and untrained people, give them weapons in their hands and throw them on the front lines, they will not become soldiers from this»,— Frederick Kagan, director of the American Enterprise Institute's Critical Threats Project, said.

Kagan believes Putin will have to focus on restoring the basic combat capabilities of a severely depleted army that requires large-scale replenishment of equipment, which is very difficult to provide.

Dara Massicot, a senior political researcher at the RAND Corp think tank, adds that Russia restructured its military 10 years ago and eliminated much of the mobilization system that was too costly and unnecessary to maintain. And now it's taking its toll.

She adds that there is very little reliable public information about how Russia intends to train and deploy the mobilized. And it is difficult to say how mobilization will affect the situation. It is possible that the reservists can replace more experienced soldiers in the rear positions, so that they go to the front. This is if there are still such rear forces.

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