WP: US predicts months of intense fighting in Ukraine

WP: US predicts months of intense fighting in Ukraine

The administration of US President Joe Biden expects intense fighting in Ukraine, with wins and losses for both sides, to drag on for months. This was reported by The Washington Post, citing its sources.

An unnamed senior State Department official said that the Ukrainian military has proven its ability to return the occupied territories, but Russia has serious military resources at its disposal.

«They have a significant amount of equipment, weapons and ammunition in the occupied territories, not to mention what they have in Russia. And so this is far from the end, despite the progress», — he said.

The U.S. side believes heavy fighting will continue until the end of the fall as both sides try to improve their positions before the onset of winter, which will complicate logistics and military operations.

< p>Pentagon officials have said they are looking for ways to help Ukraine meet its growing defense needs. At the moment, the total US security assistance to Ukraine is about $15 billion since the Russian invasion.

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