Yermak believes that ending the war in the spring is a dream

Yermak thinks it's a dream to end the war in spring

Head of the Office of the President Andriy Yermak believes that Ukraine is unlikely to be able to end the war unleashed by Russia before the end of next spring. He stated this during a speech at the International Security Forum in Halifax, «Ukrinform« reports.

Yermak commented on the statements of Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Volodymyr Gavrilov that Ukrainian forces could return to Crimea until the end of December, and the entire war with Russia will end in the spring.

«It sounds like this phrase of the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, — This is a dream. Of course, millions of Ukrainians dream that this war will end as soon as possible. However, I will be more realistic», — said the head of the OP.

He recalled that this year Ukraine has achieved success on the battlefield, having liberated Kherson and advanced in the Kharkiv direction.

&#171 ;However, this war continues, and I am not ready to name the exact day and time when we will win. But it will definitely happen», — Yermak emphasized.

  • The WSJ newspaper reported that the Russian Federation doubled its attacks in the Donbass after retreating from Kherson.

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