Yermak: Defenders of Mariupol are alive, with some there is a connection

Yermak: Mariupol's defenders are alive, there is contact with some

Head of the Office of the President Andriy Yermak said that the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense is dealing with the return of the captured defenders of Mariupol. It is known that the fighters are alive, with some of them there is a connection. He said this in an interview with the Left Bank.

– It's not an easy question, we're working on it. Today this is the main task, including the GUR. We know they are alive. As for the conditions, this issue is also monitored. We cannot say exactly what conditions they are in now. But we know for sure that they are alive. The GUR constantly keeps this under control, there is a connection with some of them, and the process of their release does not stop even for an hour, – Yermak said.

The head of the President's Office expressed hope that now the process of returning the captured defenders of Azovstal “will enter an active phase.

Earlier, the families of the defenders of Azovstal said that they could not contact their loved ones, who are now in Russian captivity.

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