“Yes, we do it”: Putin called the reason for the destruction of Ukrainian energy

< p>Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Russian Federation is launching missile strikes on the energy infrastructure of Ukraine, but this is supposedly a «response to the actions of Kyiv». This is reported by the propaganda RIA Novosti.

«Now there is a lot of noise about our attacks on the energy infrastructure of a neighboring country. Yes, we do it. But who started?», — he said.

The Russian dictator said that the Russian Federation began to destroy the energy infrastructure of Ukraine after the Ukrainian side allegedly hit the Crimean bridge, undermined power lines and the Kursk nuclear power plant, and also stopped the supply of water in a temporary occupied Donetsk.

«Lack of water supply to the millionth city — it is an act of genocide. No one ever said a word about it. In general, the silence is complete. We just need to move and do something in response — noise, din, crackling all over the Universe. This will not interfere with our combat missions», — declared the dictator.

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