Young Boy Recounts Exorcism He Witnessed at Redberry Bible Camp

A young boy recounts the exorcism he witnessed at Redberry Bible Camp

In shock, the young Parker Bond would have repeated “Jesus Christ is Lord”, returning from the Bible camp.

A young boy present at the exorcism practice at Redberry Children's Bible Camp near Saskatoon last July said he wanted to flee the cabin where the event took place believing that it was infested with demons.

It was true, we were all convinced that it was possessed by several demons, did he said about the young boy on whom the exorcism was performed.

In shock, Parker Bond kept repeating Jesus Christ is Lord on the way home with his parents.

He was arrived at Redberry Bible Camp on July 10 with several other young boys.

Parker Bond and his mother, Marci, have agreed to give their testimony to CBC.

It's hard to think that you leave a young boy on Sunday with beliefs and ideas and when you come back to pick him up he's not the same person anymore, mother says .

The event was certainly traumatic in itself, acknowledge Parker Bond and his mother, but also all that came before: sleep deprivation, fatigue and indoctrination. Moreover, the use of exorcism has been defended by several leaders of the Redberry camp.

CBC sought to contact Carlos Doerksen, the very man who performed the exorcism, but also the camp's general manager Roland Thiessen and chairman of the board Wayne Dick. None responded to interview requests.

As of Wednesday, July 13, demons had become the only topic of conversation at the cabin, says Parker Bond.

That day Carlos Doerksen, who described himself as an apostle, performed a first exorcism on one of the young boys who revealed he used a Ouija board .

Around 10 p.m., a young boy allegedly collapsed and a second exorcism took place.

The young Parker recounts that, dipping his hand in the water, Carlos Doerksen traced the signs of the cross on the young boy's forehead while pronouncing words.

< p class="e-p">Unclean spirit, leave this vessel, in the name of Jesus, leave this young boy, he said.

Carlos Doerksen allegedly handed out business cards to the young boys, to contact him in case the demons returned.

The general director of the camp, Roland Thiessen, was present, but did not intervene. He reportedly attended for 10 minutes before dismissing the most fearful young boys. They would then have been driven to the main building, from where they could call their parents to pick them up.

When his mother came to pick him up, young Parker Bond could barely speak, she said.

It was when going to pick up the young Parker that his mother and her husband came into contact with Roland Thiessen.

The latter said that they were very lucky to have such a leader, possessing a special gift from the Lord. He (Carlos Doerksen) can talk to God, and God talks back to him.

Young Parker and his mother provided testimony to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). This week, the RCMP closed the investigation and said no charges would be laid.

Parker Bond wonders why the investigation closed, when many new information was released.

In a statement released Wednesday, the Saskatchewan Camps Association, an accrediting body, said it was sorry to hear all of this. that had happened at the camp. She announced the holding of an exam, even if the Redberry camp keeps its accreditation for the moment.

To face his fears, the young boy subsequently attended a camp near Christopher Lake. He says he had a good stay there.

He says he chose to testify so that things like this wouldn't happen to anyone else.

I am angry that this happened, and that it is allowed to happen.

With information from Jason Warick

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