Zayn Malik (on purpose?) Misses the wedding of his sister Waliyha, in love with a thug

The wedding was not done with much fanfare. Waliyha, Zayn Malik’s little sister, married her brigand lover on Saturday, December 12, 2020. However, the young man is far from unanimous in the family …
All her sisters are not in the same boat. Zayn Malik , who is very close to the various members of his family, inadvertently missed the wedding of his younger daughter Waliyha , which took place on Saturday 12 December 2020 in Bradford in West Yorkshire. It must be said that Junaid Khan, his dear and tender, is not unanimous within the clan. In 2017, the 24-year-old ran into trouble with the law after a grim carjacking case and faced a 5-year prison sentence ; reduced thanks to remissions of sentence.

” Nobody is happy about this marriage after what he did , explains a source from The Sun newspaper . He is a thug, and his crime is not a thing of the past. He has barely been released. of prison “. In the wedding photographs, however, Waliyha is radiant, wearing a golden outfit with a thousand sequins. Near her, we notice some of her friends, her mother Trisha … but no trace of her father Yasser or of her big brother Zayn. Difficult to know, however, if this absence was completely voluntary. Former One Direction member lives with Gigi Hadid in America, Pennsylvania, and their three-month-old baby girl. However, the health crisis is preventing many people from crossing the Atlantic.

Waliyha reportedly received a text from Gigi Hadid who, she said, ” would have loved ” to be able to attend the wedding. Moreover, she does not seem very angry by this absence since she shared, on Instagram, memories of the Gender Reveal Party organized for her brother Zayn Malik.

Very close to his clan, a little earlier in the year, the singer had relieved himself of 280,000 euros to offer a house to his little sister Saffa and her husband Martin Tiser … a house located right next to that which he had given to his parents, Trisha and Yaser. So let’s wait to know what he prepared for Waliyha as a wedding gift …

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