Zelenskaya explained why she did not leave Ukraine after the Russian invasion

Zelenskaya explained why she did not leave Ukraine after the Russian invasion

The wife of President Vladimir Zelensky, Elena Zelenskaya, has not left Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion. The first lady stated this in an interview with the French TV channel “France 5”.

– Yes, indeed. It was my considered decision. I had no desire to leave Ukraine. I had no desire to be far from my homeland and away from my husband,” Zelenskaya answered the question of journalists about whether she thought about leaving the country.

According to her, while at home, the first lady supports her husband and feels calmer. Zelenskaya emphasized that she is now where she should be.

– And since we don’t even see each other for weeks, I still feel that I am there. I can send my support. It is much more difficult to look at what is happening with your country, your people from afar – it is much easier emotionally for me to be here. I am where I want to be. And I am where I should be. It seems to me that this makes me more calm, she stressed.

Zelenskaya also expressed the hope that from September 1, children will be able to resume their studies in schools, and students in universities in territories where there are no hostilities. In addition, the first lady urged the people of France not to believe Russian propaganda and support Ukrainian refugees who were forced to leave their homes due to the war in Ukraine.

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