Zelensky – about the threat from Pridnestrovie: For us it will be a slap in the face, and we will respond with a blow

Zelensky - about the threat from Pridnestrovie: For us it will be a slap in the face, and we will respond with a blow

Chisinau monitors the situation in Pridnestrovie and will inform in case of threats Ukraine. The President of Moldova, Maia Sandu, announced this at a briefing in Kyiv.

“Our institutions continue to monitor the situation, and, of course, if something happens that will cause concern, we will take action and inform our partners,” the website of the President of Ukraine quoted her as saying.

According to Interfax- Ukraine”, Sandu also said that Chisinau does not see the impending threats.

– We are doing everything we can to prevent this breakaway region from posing a threat to Ukraine and Moldova. Ukraine and Moldova should maintain a regular dialogue on security issues that affect our states. We agreed to work together to maintain stability and avoid provocations that are aimed at destabilizing the situation,” she said at a press conference following talks with Volodymyr Zelensky.

The President of Ukraine, in turn, said that any actions in the temporarily occupied territory of Moldova, which will threaten Ukraine, will receive a response.

– If it does, I think it's a global mistake. Those or other signals we receive, they are unpleasant. But these people who are in Transnistria should know that for us it will not be a blow, but a slap in the face. And we will definitely respond with a strike,” he said, answering journalists’ questions about whether he had information about a possible strike from Pridnestrovie.

At the same time, Zelensky noted the need to maintain a stable situation in this region.

– I believe that, first of all, we must all do so that there is no destabilization in the region. We demonstrate it in every possible way. We are now fighting with Russia on our soil, although you have seen that there have been repeated missile strikes from Belarus, too,” he said.

The President is sure that the Belarusian people do not support the war against Ukraine, but shelling and attacks Russian troops are committing from the territory of the republic.

Maia Sandu assured that Moldova is ready to continue providing humanitarian assistance to Ukraine and accepting refugees. She pointed out that about 500 thousand people from Ukraine went to Moldova after the Russian attack. There are still 73,000 refugees from Ukraine in the country.

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