Zelensky again accepted Sean Penn: Show the world the truth about the war

Zelensky welcomed Sean Penn again: Show the world the truth about the war

Vladimir Zelensky met with American actor and film director Sean Penn. The President of Ukraine announced this on his Facebook page.

– Actor and director Sean Penn is making a documentary about the war in Ukraine. From the first day of the full-scale invasion, he was in Kyiv and saw what Russian aggression is. Soon the whole world will be able to see the whole truth about the war thanks to his film. Sean, thank you for supporting our state and our people! – wrote the head of state.

The President's website says that Sean Penn expressed a desire to visit the Ukrainian settlements affected by Russian aggression.

– Sean, we are very interested in showing the world what happened around Kyiv. I know that you were here in the first days of the war. Much has changed in Kyiv. But there are some cities around Kyiv that are very important to demonstrate to the world – to show what Russia has done,” Zelensky said.

The head of the President's Office, Andriy Yermak, also said that he had a meeting with Sean Penn.

– I am sure that thanks to people like Sean Penn, the whole world will learn about the horrific crimes of Russia in the war against Ukraine. And also about our nation of heroes and the struggle for independence. We have a lot of work ahead of us. Soon there will be something to tell, – he wrote in his Telegram channel.

This is not the first visit of Sean Penn to Ukraine during the war. On the first day of the large-scale Russian invasion on February 24, he was in Kyiv. At the same time, a short meeting with the President took place. At the end of March, Penn arrived in the Lviv region to set up the work of his charitable organization in Ukraine. Then the actor met with the head of the Lviv OVA Maxim Kozitsky. On June 27, Ukrainian media reported that Sean Penn came back to Ukraine to travel to Bucha and Irpin.

On June 26, CNN reported that Sean Penn is helping Ukrainian pilots lobby for US assistance regarding fighter jets and air defense systems.< /p>

On June 11, Vladimir Zelensky addressed the guests of the charity evening in Los Angeles. It was hosted by CORE, co-founded by Sean Penn.

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