Zelensky again called on the United States to recognize Russia as a terrorist country

Zelensky again called on the US to recognize Russia as a terrorist country

President Volodymyr Zelensky once again urged the United States to respond harshly to Russia's actions in the recently de-occupied territories of the Kharkiv region and recognize it as a terrorist state. He stated this in an interview with Reuters.

“We see the consequences of the absolutely terrorist actions of the Russian military… I don’t know how many thousands of people died there (in the de-occupied territories – ed.). Therefore, we appeal to the world – I think that it is absolutely fair – with a modern demand, because people have simply been tortured, killed now. Therefore, all of us – all relatives, friends, the whole world – are now waiting for an answer to our appeal to recognize Russia as a state-terrorist or a state-sponsor of terrorism», — said the Ukrainian leader.

He noted that he would very much like the United States to now react harshly as leaders of peace democracy and support for Ukraine.

« I would like the US Congress to support this proposal to recognize them as terrorists. We are not asking people to recognize terrorists, we are asking terrorists to be recognized as terrorists. They are. They did it,” the President stressed.

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