Zelensky appealed to Belarusians: You are not slaves and cannon fodder

Zelensky addressed the Belarusians: You are not slaves or cannon fodder

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky addressed the Russians and Belarusians during the traditional evening video summary. He promised to find every Russian soldier involved in launching missiles at Ukrainian cities, and asked the Belarusians not to fight on Ukrainian soil.

– All pilots, dispatchers, technicians and other people who ensure the launch of missiles in Ukraine must understand: we will find you all. Each of you will be responsible for these blows. And if someone thinks that he will evade responsibility by saying that such was the order, you are mistaken. When your missiles hit residential buildings, these are war crimes. Judgment is what awaits you all. And you will not hide anywhere – neither on the shores of the Caspian Sea, over which your missiles are launched, nor in Belarus … Nowhere.

Separately, I would like to address the citizens of Belarus today. To people – both civilians and in uniform. You are being drawn into a war. And even more active than it was in February and in the spring months. The Kremlin has already decided everything for you – your lives are worth nothing to them. But you are not slaves or cannon fodder. You must not die. And you can not let anyone decide for you what awaits you next. I know that the people of Belarus support Ukraine, they support us, just us, and not the war. And that is why the Russian leadership wants to drag you – all Belarusians – into the war, wants to sow hatred between us. A lot now depends on the ordinary people of Belarus. And I know that you can not participate in this war. Your lives belong only to you, not to someone in the Kremlin,” the president said.

On 25 September, Russia fired 63 rockets at Ukrainian places, about half of them from the territory of Belarus. On 26 chernya, 16 Russian missiles hit Kiev, 12 of them hit air defense. Rockets were fired at Mykolaiv and Chernigiv regions, Odessa and Cherkasy. Artillery and mortar shelling did not strike in the Kharkiv region, in the Sumy region, and in the Donbas.

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