Zelensky asked global business to maintain support for Ukrainian refugees

Zelensky asked world business to keep supporting Ukrainian refugees

Vladimir Zelensky asked world business to keep supporting Ukrainian refugees if the war drags on. The President of Ukraine said this during a video conference speech to the participants of the Yale SEO Summit, Interfax-Ukraine reported.

The head of state stated that many countries that provide humanitarian support to Ukrainians have begun to reduce this support, because it is not easy for them.

– I do not blame them for anything, they have already done so much for our temporarily displaced persons. That is why I want you to pay attention to some very simple things: to help our people financially while they are outside the territory of our state is important,” the president said.

He cited temporary work as examples of such assistance , temporary education in schools and universities, preferably offline, so that there is an opportunity to communicate and there are no psychological problems.

Zelensky stressed that he really wants all Ukrainian refugees to return home and help in the reconstruction of the country.

– But the main thing is not what I want. The main thing is what these families want. Because we have a free country and no one will impose anything. And he certainly will not impose in what conditions, how to live and when. People themselves want to return, this is very important,” he said.

Volodymyr Zelensky acknowledged that the majority of Ukrainian refugees want to return home, but the timing of their return may be delayed.

– They believe in victory and believe in return, but we are fighting Russia, and there are risks that this will not end tomorrow – they are high enough, so it is. And people who are abroad in other states – they need support, I speak frankly, financial support for ordinary things,” the president said.

The community of American companies announced that from June it will begin supporting 100,000 Ukrainian refugees abroad.

The organizers of the Yale CEO Summit announced the awarding of Vladimir Zelensky with the Legend Leadership Award. This award is given to world leaders who leave an inspiring legacy, act as a hero and influence cultures, industries or countries. The award in New York was received by the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the UN, Serhiy Kyslitsa.

Yale CEO Summit (Summit of CEOs of Yale companies) was held in New York. This year, it brought together 100 top managers of global companies, as well as leading scientists from American universities, in particular, Yale, Harvard and Columbia.

Zelensky asked global businesses to keep supporting Ukrainian refugees


Zelensky asked global businesses to keep supporting Ukrainian refugees


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