Zelensky convened the Headquarters: We are leveling the situation

Zelensky convened the Headquarters: Aligning the situation

President Volodymyr Zelensky held a meeting of the Headquarters of the Supreme Commander in an expanded format, where the leaders of the directions reported to him on the situation at the front. He announced this in his video message on February 19.

«We are leveling the situation, we are doing everything to prepare our actions – planned for the future, for the near future… The Commander-in-Chief reported on the situation in general at the front, with particular emphasis on mobilization, the specific situation, how and what is being carried out & # 187;, & # 8212; said the Ukrainian leader.

He noted that he heard detailed reports at Headquarters on each combat position, each of the hottest areas. Bakhmut direction, OSOV & # 171; Khortytsya & # 187; — there was a report by Commander General Alexander Syrsky on how the Armed Forces of Ukraine are defending their positions, reinforcing this particular direction and how much enemy forces are being taken.

«Ugledarsk direction, OTG «Donetsk» — General Yuri Sodol reported. The situation is very difficult. We are fighting. We break the occupier and inflict extremely tangible losses on Russia. I repeat again and again: the more Russia loses exactly there, in the Donbass – Bakhmut, Ugledar, Maryinka, Kremennaya, the faster we will be able to end this war with the victory of Ukraine»,— the president stressed.

Zelensky also heard a report on the situation in the south. In particular, the situation in the Odessa direction is unchanged, «we control all possible prospects».

According to the operational-strategic grouping of troops & # 171; Tavria & # 187; and «concrete protection results» General Alexander Tarnavsky reported. There was a report by General Sergei Naev on the Northern direction and Kiev.

«The general reported that the situation is completely under control, as well as along the entire northern border», — Zelensky said.

He also said that the interior minister reported on the formation of new brigades of the «Offensive Guard».

&#171 ;There are very good results. This is a very useful experience of how people can and should be motivated», — emphasized the president.

He added that this format of work — both at Headquarters and in informing on defense management — will support.

«I want our people to know and understand what and how we cook, what and how we control. Of course, military matters, details of intelligence activities — This is something you can't tell everything about. But I want our people to have predictability right now and the feeling that Ukraine is moving towards its goals», — added Zelensky.

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