Zelensky gave an interview to the Ukrainian media: the end of the war, grain exports from Ukraine and negotiations in Turkey

Zelensky gave an interview to Ukrainian media: the end of the war, grain exports from Ukraine and negotiations in Turkey

President Volodymyr Zelensky gave an interview to Ukrainian journalists. During the conversation, the head of state made a number of statements regarding the war between Ukraine and Russia, the political situation in our country, as well as negotiations on opening corridors for the export of grain. Ukrinform writes about this.

On the end of the war in Ukraine:“I don’t have any negotiations about any plans, such negotiations are at zero level today. beneficial for certain parties that have their own interests. Again, different: both financial and political”.

About the “political struggle”: “I have no desire, strength and energy, in principle, to fight politically with someone. I do not even see the content and reasonable behavior of a person in this. First of all, the President. Why do I need this?”.

< em>About the ban on the exit of officials from Ukraine during martial law: “They leave only in those cases when these meetings concern purely Ukraine, the situation with the war. And there are three reasons for this: sanctions, finances, weapons. As for solving these issues, anyone can leave. And politicians can no longer leave.”

About the return of fugitive politicians: “But why then see them back here? What state do they work for? If they took money out in bags … Nobody blocks anything for anyone, on the contrary – if they want to leave, then let them go, but why come back later? You return with the result Or are you a guest performer? strong>“I was not invited, the Minister of Foreign Affairs has not been invited to date. There is talk that Turkey can be an intermediary in this blocking of Ukrainian ports. I spoke with President Erdogan, we talked about this. For us, it is important that we ready to produce grain.”

About the negotiations between Russia and Turkey: “Turkey is now finding a format for how to give us guarantees. I think that's why they Russia, so that Russia would give them guarantees that nothing would happen to their ships. The details of their meeting are not known to me.”

On guarantees for unblocking Ukrainian ports: “I believe that the strongest guarantees are our respective weapons, which will be located in the region, unblocking one or another corridor to the port for the export of grain. We are working on this with specific states, with specific systems, with specific anti-ship systems”.

About grain export through Belarus:“As for the Belarusians, this information is open. We were offered to travel through Belarus by rail. Yes. We even understand how much. We understand why they offered us this. ” to “neighbours”.

About the military from Azovstal,who are held captive by the Russian Federation: “As for the prisoners, there are more than 2.5 thousand. It’s hard to say more precisely. This is not the number of people who left Azovstal when we, our side, were engaged in this process … Your question was – are there more people with “Azovstal”, the military, are in their captivity. I believe that more.”

About alternatives to Ukraine's EU membership: “No There are no alternatives to our EU membership, and there weren't even proposals. We wouldn't consider it even if there were proposals, but even proposals didn't have this alternative.”

About the visa regime with Russia: “I think it's a good idea to introduce a visa regime with the Russian Federation. I probably have enough opportunities today to bring this to a positive result for Ukrainians.”

About the world's interest in the war in Ukraine: “Today there is a new wave, but there will be a decline in interest in information about Ukraine, because there are many different problems in the world, except for Ukraine. Here we need to think about what we can do together thanks to your connections, your daily work, what kind of scheme we need to build for this daily marathon to be in order to raise the interest of the world in Ukraine.”

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