Zelensky held meetings with the military and Budanov

Zelensky held meetings with the military and Budanov

President Vladimir Zelensky held several meetings with the military and intelligence chief Kirill Budanov. He announced this in an evening video message on February 7.

«Traditionally, he held several meetings with the military, a meeting with the head of intelligence. We keep maximum attention on what the occupiers are preparing. And on what our soldiers need to effectively resist. And in all directions. Donetsk region and the east, where it is hottest, — I remember them every day in such appeals. The south sounds less common, although the strategic importance of these directions is no less. And we are strengthening the state along the entire perimeter», — the Ukrainian leader explained.

He noted the border guards who are fighting in the Donbass, as well as the Lugansk and Kharkiv border detachments.

«Thanks to all our defenders and defenders who provide protection for the north of our state. Sumy, Chernihiv, Kyiv, Zhytomyr region, Volyn. Operational-strategic grouping «North», — Zelensky said.

The President added that each direction matters.

«We are working on all enemy scenarios. We protect the state», — he summed up.

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