Zelensky: If Putin dies, the war will end

Zelensky: If Putin dies — the war will end

President Volodymyr Zelensky is convinced that Russia's war against Ukraine will end when dictator Vladimir Putin dies. He said this in a special episode of the Netflix show «My next guest needs no introduction», UP reports.

The host asked Zelensky — «Imagine if Putin caught a cold and died, or accidentally fell out of the window and died, the war will continue»?. In response, Zelensky said that if Putin died, the war against Ukraine would be stopped. The Ukrainian leader stressed that in an authoritarian regime, a lot depends on one person.

«Therefore, when such a person leaves, institutions stop. Such a time was in the USSR. Everything stopped. It will be difficult for them. They will deal with domestic politics, not foreign», — Zelensky said.

The President also expressed the opinion that the Russians will start fighting for democracy only when they realize that they are in complete isolation.

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