Zelensky in the US Congress: 2023 will be decisive in the war | VIDEO

Zelensky in the US Congress: 2023 will be a decisive year in the war | VIDEO

President Vladimir Zelensky said that 2023 will be decisive in Russia's war against Ukraine. He said this during an address to the US Congress, EP reports.

«Our two nations are allies in this battle, and the next year, 2023 — decisive time in it. This is the time when Ukrainian courage and American determination must guarantee the future of our freedom. The freedom of people who stand up for their values», — said the president.

The Ukrainian leader emphasized that the current war cannot be frozen, postponed or ignored, hoping «that the ocean will protect you» Zelenskiy also added that the world is too interconnected «for any one person to be left out and safe when such a battle is going on».

  • Vladimir Zelensky gave Joe Biden an award from the commander of the HIMARS battery in Bakhmut.

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