Zelensky is ready to meet with Putin if the end of the war is discussed

Zelensky is ready to meet with Putin if the end of the war is discussed

President Volodymyr Zelensky is ready to negotiate with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, provided that the parties discuss the end of the war and the withdrawal of the Russian army from the territory of Ukraine. The head of state stated this in an interview with foreign journalists.

– If Russia wants to end the war because that's how they talk about it in the media, I don't believe them, but in order for them to show that they really want it, they must sit down at the negotiating table. The negotiating table without Ukraine about Ukraine is impossible. Therefore, these negotiations must be direct. We can talk with intermediaries, we can talk without intermediaries – to be honest, I don't care if the Russian Federation is ready to end the war, which means withdraw from our territories. I am personally ready for such a format at any moment,” Zelensky said.

According to him, on the territory of Russia, only one person decides everything for the Russians and the military of the Russian army – this is Putin. Zelensky is sure that only the President of the Russian Federation can decide whether to stop Russian soldiers from attacking Ukraine or not. He also stressed that due to the crimes committed by the Russian military in Ukraine, support for the dialogue between the leaders of the two countries is decreasing daily.


Assistant President of the Russian Federation for International Affairs Yuri Ushakov said that Russia does not rule out a meeting between the presidents of Ukraine and Russia, but this allegedly requires careful preparation and the existence of “certain conditions”.

– No one rejects this possibility, but it requires relevant conditions, and most importantly, very, very, very thorough preparation, Ushakov told RIA.Novosti.

The official refused to comment further on the Kremlin’s position, noting that “much has already been said about the possibility of a meeting between the two leaders” .

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