Zelensky on the Ramstein requested the F-16. The Netherlands announced their readiness to discuss supplies

Zelensky requested F-16s on the Ramstein. The Netherlands announced their readiness to discuss deliveries

President Volodymyr Zelensky in a virtual address to the participants of the Contact Group on the Defense of Ukraine, which began at the American air base «Ramstein» in Germany, urged partners to speed up the provision of weapons to Ukraine. This is reported by Sky News.

«I can thank you hundreds of times, and it will be absolutely fair and honest, given all that we have already done. But hundreds of thanks — it's not hundreds of tanks. We can all say a thousand words, but I can't substitute words for guns, which are needed against Russian artillery, or anti-aircraft missiles, which are needed to protect people from Russian airstrikes», — Zelensky said.

The head of state called on the members of the contact group to provide Ukraine with longer-range missiles and F-16 fighters.

In turn, Dutch Foreign Minister Wopke Hoekstra said that The Netherlands will consider the possibility of supplying Ukraine with American-made F-16 fighter jets, if a corresponding request is received from Kyiv.

According to him, the country's government will consider such a request «unbiased», and that the supply of equipment & #171;no taboo».

The Foreign Minister added that the country sends only those goods that Ukraine requests, and now Kyiv first of all needs heavy weapons, in particular modern battle tanks.


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