Zelensky: Only the return of Ukraine will bring peaceful life and football to Donetsk

Zelensky: Only the return of Ukraine will bring peaceful life and football to Donetsk

President Volodymyr Zelensky has recorded another video message. In it, he recalled that exactly 10 years ago, Donetsk hosted Euro 2012, which united Ukrainians and Europeans.

– Just today, the invaders released absolutely crazy news that they were supposedly preparing to unite some clubs from all the occupied territories into one pseudo-championship, from Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson, Melitopol, Crimea, and even from part of the territories of Georgia. It’s just bullying people who everyone remembers very well,” Zelensky said.

The President recalled that 10 years ago Donetsk was a strong and developed city, but then Russia came to it and brought “such an inadequate level of idea.” According to him, only the return of Ukraine will bring Donetsk a peaceful life and great football.

– And now this city is a ghost that has lost most of its people and all prospects. Only the return of Ukraine, which will definitely happen, only our flag, only Ukrainian law will mean for these territories and cities the normal life that was there – peaceful, safe, open to the whole world. And, of course, it will bring new matches of world-class teams to the Donbass Arena there,” he said.

Donetsk was occupied in March 2014. Then pro-Russian activists announced the creation of a certain “Donetsk People's Republic” there, which was headed by Denis Pushilin. In February, Russian President Vladimir Putin recognized the independence of the so-called “DPR”, and a few days later launched an invasion of Ukraine.

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