Zelensky: Previously, Russia demanded security guarantees from the United States, and now – from Ukraine

Zelensky: Russia used to demand security guarantees from the US, and now – from Ukraine

President Volodymyr Zelensky reacted to Russia's demand for security guarantees from Ukraine. He announced this in his video message on the evening of November 2.

«Today, the Kremlin says that they demanded security guarantees from Ukraine. It is worth pausing for a moment to consider such statements. 252 days ago Russia demanded security guarantees from the United States of America. After eight months of the Russian “special operation”, the Kremlin demands security guarantees from Ukraine», — emphasized the Ukrainian leader.

He noted that these are really striking changes. Zelensky said that this shows both the failure of Russian aggression and how strong Ukrainians are when they remain united.

«Millions of Ukrainians and Ukrainian women fighting and working for our freedom. And millions of people around the world who are helping us resist Russian terror», — stressed the president.

He added that together we can ensure the defeat of the terrorist state and punish it for terror.

«And we guarantee that all Ukraine is and will be free. Eternal glory to all our heroes! Eternal memory to all who gave their lives for Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine!» — Zelensky summed up.

  • Putin demanded that Ukraine guarantee the security of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

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