Zelensky reacted to the Kremlin's statements about the “ceasefire” for Christmas

Zelensky reacted to the Kremlin's statements about a

Advisor to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Mykhailo Podolyak reacted to statements from the Kremlin about the alleged announcement of a “ceasefire” for Christmas.

«First. Ukraine does not attack foreign territory and does not kill civilians, as the Russian Federation does. Ukraine destroys only members of the occupying army on its territory… Second. The Russian Federation must leave the occupied territories – only then will it begin a “temporary truce.” Keep the hypocrisy…», — Podolyak wrote on Twitter.

  • According to the Kremlin, Putin ordered a ceasefire for the Christmas holidays.
  • On the morning of January 5, Patriarch Kirill's appeal was published on the website of the Russian Orthodox Church, called “all parties involved in the internecine conflict” for a Christmas truce.

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