Zelensky: Russia is gathering forces for another escalation

Zelensky: Russia gathers forces for another escalation

Russia is gathering forces for another escalation, but the defeat of the aggressor country should be uncontested. This was stated by President Vladimir Zelensky in his video message on January 10.

«Now Russia is gathering forces for another escalation. Together with our partners, we must do and are doing to make it clear to the owners of Russia right now that no escalation will help them. The defeat of Russian aggression must remain uncontested», — emphasized the Ukrainian leader.

He called the situation in the Donetsk region difficult, noting that the enemy is conducting constant assaults, does not count his people, does not spare the locals and does not stop at any criminal activity.

«This can and should be countered only by a new level of modern military equipment that Ukraine can get from partners. Right now it's time for new powerful solutions, for new powerful support», — the president added.

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