Zelensky: Russian offensive attempt must fail and it will be the final defeat of the Russian Federation

Zelensky: Russian offensive attempt must fail and it will be Russia's final defeat

President Vladimir Zelensky believes that the leadership of the Russian Federation will throw all the forces of the invaders in order to try to turn the situation in the war and postpone their defeat. He stated this in his video message on January 3.

«We started this year right away with what Ukraine needs most right now — on the eve of those new mobilization processes that are being prepared by the terrorist state. Right now — the moment when, together with partners, we must strengthen our defenses. We have no doubt that the current masters of Russia will abandon everything they have left and everyone they can muster to try to turn the tide in the war and at least postpone their defeat»,— said the Ukrainian leader.

He emphasized that this Russian scenario must be thwarted and Ukraine is preparing for this.

«The terrorists must lose. Any attempt at their new offensive must fail. This will be the final defeat of the terrorist state. I thank all partners who understand this. Russia is mobilizing those whom it wants to leave to die, we are mobilizing the civilized world. For life»,— added Zelensky.

  • Reznikov warned the Russians about Putin's plans to close the borders of the Russian Federation and complete mobilization.
  • In the audio intercept, the invaders talk about full mobilization and an offensive.

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