Zelensky spoke about future deliveries of Patriot air defense systems to Ukraine

Zelensky spoke about future deliveries of Patriot air defense systems to Ukraine

Negotiations supplies of Patriot air defense systems to Ukraine continue, this issue is under the personal control of President Volodymyr Zelensky. He said this in an interview with French TV channels TF1 and LCI.

To a clarifying question from a journalist about the transfer of Patriot air defense systems to Ukraine, the Ukrainian leader replied that he was personally negotiating this.

«The process is underway. I personally do this. And in principle, it is very necessary for us. And everything that we personally do in Ukraine we bring closer to the result. For me, this is important, this is my relationship with President Biden. And I think that… let's see»,” Zelensky said.

He emphasized that there is constant talk about the supply of these systems.

&#171 ;We talk about it all the time (with US President Joe Biden — ed.). I am positive about this issue. With great positivity,” the president added.

Zelensky spoke about the supply of air defense and missile defense systems to Ukraine, answering a question about protection against Iranian drones «Shahed-136». He recalled that Kyiv is negotiating the supply of Crotale and SAMP-T air defense systems.

«Now with the French Republic, my colleague Emmanuel Macron and I, we agreed on Crotale systems. I'm very grateful, I don't know how they work, they haven't started working yet. We have the following examples with American partners – NASAMS, with German ones – IRIS-T. We are fighting for systems that depend on the decision of Italy and France – this is SAMP-T,” Zelensky added.

One of the plans under consideration provides for the transfer of a Patriot SAM battery in the PAC-3 variant (Patriot Advanced Capability-3), which is designed to intercept ballistic missiles.

Another option is to contract Raytheon Technologies to build these new systems from scratch, but this could take years.

  • According to media reports, Biden will only agree to hand over Patriot to Ukraine on one condition.

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