Zelensky spoke about Putin's “serious illness”, which gave Ukraine a head start

Zelensky spoke about Putin's

Russia underestimated Ukraine at different levels. Which is good, because otherwise the preparations for war would have been even more massive. President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke about this in an interview with the American television channel NBC.

– I think they generally underestimated Ukraine, everything is different, at different levels. On the one hand, I think this is positive, because if they knew that I would stay, the power would remain, people would take to the streets, defending their homes with their bare hands, if they knew, they would be preparing for this war on an even larger scale, – said the president.

Zelensky added that the underestimation does not offend him, because it gave Ukraine a “head start” – the time that was needed to beat the enemy and de-occupy our country. He also confidently noted that the war would end with the victory of Ukraine. Ukrainians will oust the invaders from their land. But while the president is worried that the West might get tired of Ukraine.

– I sometimes feel, I hear some words, calls for help, I see it. We have no right to lose, I'm talking about the world. I believe that this common victory is a victory for the United States, Ukraine, and European states. If we lose, no matter what anyone says, then democracy loses, which means that the United States and European states will lose. I know that it’s not easy for everyone, but it’s necessary,” he emphasized.

Regarding the possible “serious” illness of Vladimir Putin, rumors about which are circulating in society, the President of Ukraine said that it really is. But not the one everyone thinks.

– To be honest, I don’t know what is happening with Putin, I think that there is a really big disease. In general, but it is more complicated than the disease you are talking about (cancer, – ed.). This is a disease in relation to our people, to such torture. This is a difficult moment, and this is a disease, and this is not only a matter of one person. I understand that many people in the environment of the President of the Russian Federation, they are sick. Extra ambition, disrespect for international law, for people's lives, – Zelensky commented.

He stressed that this “disease is dangerous for our state, and everything else is just talk and not very interesting.”


Regarding Ukraine's losses in the war, Zelensky noted that the Russian Federation is losing much more people than we are.

– Where we lose one person, Russia loses 5 people. Where we lose one tank, they lose 5. This is how we fight. But we must be fair and say that it is difficult for us. Because, again, different numbers, for one of our tanks they have 10 tanks, for one of our fighters – 10 of them military. And no matter how strong we are, there are 10 times more of them, and it is very difficult. It’s difficult for us, but we stand,” he stressed, adding that it would be difficult for Ukraine to stand face to face with the Russian Federation and we might not be able to stand it.

That is why, the leader of Ukraine stressed, “the support of Europe is very important for us, first of all, the United States – from society to President Joe Biden.”

– Because everyone should understand that this is not our war, just Ukraine with Russia, this is a war of the whole world with specifically the Russian Federation, with their military political leadership, with their army, and everyone should understand this. We will not be able to do it alone, and thank God that they are helping us,” Zelensky summed up.

The war in Ukraine has been going on for the 126th day. Every day, the Russian Federation attacks along the entire front line, and also terrorizes the civilian population, shelling cities with dozens of missiles. So, on the morning of June 29, the enemy hit a high-rise building in Nikolaev. At least 4 people died. Debris removal continues.

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