Zelensky thanked the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for inflicting losses on the enemy in Soledar

Zelensky thanked the Ukrainian Armed Forces for inflicting losses on the enemy in Soledar

President Vladimir Zelensky thanked all Ukrainian soldiers and noted the paratroopers and fighters who hold their positions in Soledar, inflicting significant losses on the enemy. He stated this in his video message on January 12.

«I thank each and every one who fights for Ukraine! And especially today, I will note the paratroopers of the 77th separate airmobile brigade, who, together with the soldiers of the 46th separate airmobile brigade in Soledar, hold their positions and inflict significant losses on the enemy. Thank you!» – said the Ukrainian leader.

The President also recalled that today he held a regular meeting of the Headquarters of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, which by its nature corresponded to the situation at the forefront, in the most fundamental areas.

«Of course, the number one question is Soledar, this is Bakhmut, this is the struggle in general for the Donetsk direction. We analyzed in detail what decisions are needed, what reinforcements are needed, what steps should be taken by the commanders in the coming days. We also discussed the situation with the supply of weapons and ammunition to the troops, the appropriate interaction with our partners & # 187;, & # 8212; Zelensky noted.

  • In Soledar, the border guards “minus” a group of “Wagnerites” and forced the enemy to retreat.

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