Zelensky: The intensity of the battles for Bakhmut is only growing

Zelensky: The intensity of the fighting for Bakhmut is only growing

Intensity fighting in the Bakhmut direction is only growing, Russia, in principle, does not count people, sending them to storm the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This was stated in a video message by President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The Ukrainian leader noted that since the previous meeting of the Headquarters on February 23, about 800 occupiers have died in the Bakhmut direction alone.

&# 171;Russia does not count people at all, sending them to constant assaults on our positions. The intensity of the fighting is only increasing,” Zelensky said.

He also said that the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Karim Khan, came to Ukraine today.

«Russia's genocidal policy against our people will definitely have irreversible legal consequences for everyone who conceived, approved and implements this policy. And I want to emphasize: we are talking not only about the perpetrators, but also about the top political and military leadership of the terrorist state,” Zelensky emphasized.

According to the president, Ukraine &# 171;is approaching the opening of the Ukrainian office of the International Criminal Court».

«We will dismantle this entire Russian genocidal system – from cogs to architects – and bring it to legal sentences», – he said.

Zelensky also congratulated the Ukrainians on the fact that «there was no deficit in our energy system today» and «there were no outages by country».

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