Zelensky: The world should warn the Russian Federation that it will hit it in case of a nuclear strike on Bankova

Zelensky: The world must warn the Russian Federation that it will hit it in case of a nuclear strike on Bankova

President Volodymyr Zelensky is sure that Russia should receive a warning from the world about a strike on the decision-making center in the Russian Federation if it launches a nuclear strike on Bankova. He stated this in an interview with Canadian television channels CTV and CBC.

«As for the use of nuclear weapons, except for a nuclear power plant (ZAES – ed.), I will give an example. We are now sitting and hearing constant calls that Russia should strike at the decision-making center», — said the Ukrainian leader.

He emphasized that the world must respond to Russian threats, regardless of whether Ukraine is a NATO country or not. Zelensky pointed out that this is happening in Europe, and no one is allowed to blackmail as a terrorist.

«If the message is that there will be a blow to the decision-making center, the response of the world should be: & #171;Look, if you hit Bankova, there will be a hit where you are, the one who gives the task to kill people. If you do this, then in a second, regardless of the result of your blow, you will have a decision-making blow in your state», — he stressed.

The President added that Ukraine lives with such a neighbor «who, apart from force, understands nothing».

  • US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said the United States will respond to any Russian use of nuclear weapons.

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