Zelensky: This week has brought good weapons results

President Volodymyr Zelensky said that this week has brought good weapons results for our opposition to Russian aggression. He said this in his video message on March 18.

The Ukrainian leader, in particular, recalled that a regular meeting of «Rammstein» had taken place. Zelensky noted the transfer of MiG-29 fighters and Archer self-propelled artillery mounts to Ukraine.

«There are new defense packages from our friends: Canada, Germany, France, Denmark, Estonia. This applies to ammunition and ammunition, tanks and artillery. There is a very necessary solution for «Archers» — many thanks to Sweden. Decision on MiGs — many thanks to Slovakia. Poland, Lithuania, Britain, the European Union, the United States and many others continue to help powerfully», — Zelensky emphasized.

He emphasized that when the Ukrainian people defend themselves and when the UN Charter is restored in Ukraine, then «this will guarantee peace for many other parts of the world&#187 ;.

«That's what our global coalition, the anti-war coalition, is working for», — the president added.

He noted that a conversation between Ukraine and the United States took place in an expanded defense format.

«Our goal is obvious — this is the strengthening of our soldiers, new solutions for Ukraine to be able to carry out active actions and defend itself against Russian terror, to restore real security. These solutions will be », — Zelensky is sure.

The President also said that Russia is destroying people's lives, and there is only one way to defend yourself — expel the Russian army from Ukrainian soil, which will be done.

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