Zelensky warns that Russian terrorists may become more active during the holidays | VIDEO

Zelensky warns Russian terrorists may become more active over holidays | VIDEO

Russian troops may intensify their shelling during the festive period. President Volodymyr Zelensky informed about this in his address.

“Please remember who is fighting against us. As the holiday season approaches, Russian terrorists may become active again. They despise Christian values ​​and any values ​​in general. So please pay attention to air raid alerts, help each other and always take care of each other”, — he said.

Separately, Zelensky noted in Russian that Russians must be clear that terror never goes unanswered.

  • On December 22, the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation brought one Project 636.6 submarine into position for a possible strike , which can carry up to four «Caliber» cruise missiles.

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