Zelensky: We will come to Mariupol, liberate it for the third time

Zelensky: We will come to Mariupol and liberate it for the third time

Ukrainian servicemen will liberate all temporarily occupied territories and “knock out” Russian soldiers from there. This was stated by President Volodymyr Zelensky in his address to the Ukrainians.

– We will come to Mariupol. And we will liberate the city for the third time. He was released in 1943 from the Nazis – a brilliant operation. In 2014, on this very day, June 13, thanks to the courage of our “Azov” and other units, Mariupol was liberated for the second time. Released from the militants, who then did not fully realize what the Russian state was directing them to. And now they see it. They see the burned Mariupol. They see why the Russians came there. But we will not let this city be made dead. We will return it. Absolutely, – the president assured.

According to him, the Ukrainian defenders will expel the Russians from Kherson as well. He noted that the so-called Russia Day, which the Russian military tried to celebrate in Kherson, ended in failure. This proves that the city is part of Ukraine.

– We will come to Melitopol. And we will return to all Melitopol residents the opportunity to live without horror. And, by the way, all the collaborators who are now threatening to take away land from farmers in Melitopol and other districts of Zaporozhye, themselves – very likely – will end up in this land. We will come to Energodar. I want to repeat that we have not forgotten about our Energodar for a day,” Zelensky said.

The head of state also called on Ukrainians to talk about this with their compatriots who are forced to see the Russian flag in their cities, that the Ukrainian army must he will come.

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